Which states does Capalbo’s ship gift baskets with alcoholic beverages to?

Please note that due to state laws, Capalbo’s is unable to ship alcohol to IN, KY, MI, MS, ND, TN, or UT. We continuously stay updated on any changes in state laws and aim to expand our shipping capabilities in the future.

When you purchase alcoholic beverages from us, the title and ownership are transferred to you in the state where the sale occurs. Our licensed vendor’s location determines this. As the purchaser, it is your responsibility to transport the alcohol from our licensed vendor to your home state. By placing an order, you authorize Capalbo’s to arrange transportation on your behalf. 

You need to ensure that you comply with local and state laws regarding the purchase, transportation, and delivery of alcoholic beverages. We do not provide legal advice or guarantee any rights related to transporting or importing alcohol into any state. You are solely responsible for transportation logistics and legal considerations such as taxes and duties.

Before delivering alcoholic beverages to your intended destination, please make sure you have obtained all necessary permissions, paid any required fees, and utilized licensed intermediaries as required by law. Additionally, please confirm that you are of legal drinking age (21 years or older). Sales tax will be calculated based on our licensed vendor’s location.