Organic Box with Ceramic Cheeseboard


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    Do you have someone special who loves Armenia? Surprise them with this local, handmade, and all-natural Gift Basket! They’ll be inspired by the colorful Armenian ornaments instantly knowing they’ve been handcrafted. With a selection of herbal teas like peppermint, chamomile, and lemon grass, plus honey to add sweetness and vegetable chips for crunch, they can take comfort in these Armenian delicacies. Dried plums and apples provide the perfect balance of sweet and savory. You won’t find this unique combination anywhere else! 

    • 2 x Thyme Herbal Tea by Antaram
    • Dried Fruit by Chreni
    • Dried Peaches
    • Natural dried eggplant chips by Aregi
    • Organic Pure Honey by BioHoney
    • Dried Apricots by Suhofrutz

    Christmas Handmade Decorations by Maral.


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    At The Gift Basket Store, we provide a range of shipping options tailored to ensure prompt and reliable delivery of your chosen gifts. Our assortment of gift baskets, flowers, and plants comes with the following shipping choices available: 

    • Next-Day Delivery: Place your order on any business day before 2 pm EST
    • Express Gift Delivery: Arrives within 1-2 business days
    • Standard Gift Delivery: Estimated delivery time of 3-4 business days
    • Economy Gift Delivery: Delivered within 5-8 business days



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