Handmade Chocolate Box in Two Colors


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    White Chocolate Box

    White Chocolate Box is made with the highest quality natural raw materials. Our Belgian chocolate is blended with pure French fruit purees composed of 90% fruit with 10% sugar, without any additives or preservatives. Your taste buds will thank you with every single bite. This handmade selection of candies, truffles, and chocolate bars is sure to tantalize your palate for a truly unforgettable experience. Our Chocolate Box is perfect for any gift-giving occasion; treat yourself, or give to someone who deserves the best.  Perfect for any chocolate lover, our White Chocolate Box is a professional way to make a statement. 


    Black Chocolate Box

    This exquisite box of handmade chocolates is a true masterpiece crafted from only the finest natural raw materials the world has to offer. Our  Armenian artisan confectioners have spent months creating this wondrous collection, blending Belgian ingredients with French fruit purees to create exquisite chocolate bliss. Rest assured, each one of these treats contains no preservatives or additives – you can rest easy knowing that when you indulge in a Black Chocolate Box, your taste buds are experiencing nothing but the best. Enjoy classic truffles, chocolate bars, and other delicacies in bite-sized chores that quickly melt in your mouth. Each variation in texture and flavor will surprise you – making this box the perfect gift for any occasion! 


    Milk, dark and white chocolates with different fillings:

    • Strawberry
    • Blueberry
    • Currant lime
    • Apple
    • Peach

    Net Weight- 530g.

    Made By Lara Chocolate


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